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Our Mission

We believe the holistic development of children is enhanced by inquiry-led education that takes place in and through the richness and diversity of nature.

To inspire a love of learning, we enable kids to take ownership of their learning with safe play experiences that foster curiosity and discovery indoors, outdoors and beyond.

OUR Daily focus


We meet up briefly online to discuss our plans and get excited for the day ahead.


We go out and explore the natural world with intent, purpose and confidence.


After a few hours, we connect again to reflect on our adventures and share them with other families.

Meet Dr. Claire Warden

Founder, Virtual Nature School

The Virtual Nature School Difference

Children Engaged In Their Learning

At any age, learning starts with having a burning question and the thirst to find the answer.

Inquiry-based learning enables learners to explore the material they are personally interested in, which keeps them engaged in asking questions and discussing ideas.

Enhanced Curiosity & Confidence

Confidence is built when children are encouraged to explore their own interests and make choices for themselves from a young age.

With self-directed learning, not only do kids gain the confidence that comes from trusting their own judgement, they go on to further inquiries as they seek a better understanding of whatever.

Lots of Healthy Time Outside

Being in nature brings a myriad of positives for children, including physical, mental and emotional benefits.

We see kids thrive when they're outside the boundaries of walls. They run, make noise, shout, dirty their little hands, and get plenty of sunlight and fresh air.

Connections with Other kids

Children flourish when sharing learning experiences, whether multi-age siblings working to solve problems together, or a diversity of homeschoolers participating in circle time online after a day of play outside.

Our community of kids, parents and carers often develop lifelong friendships through Virtual Nature School

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